Price 2,000 baht. , Time 120 minutes.

The idea for this package comes from the wisdom of Lanna. The first step is a herbal steam bath, which can effectively promote blood circulation, slow down muscle stiffness and reduce joint pain. Followed by a Thai Lanna massage, this massage focuses on the physical condition of the body with specific stretching and bending. What’s more, the pace of the massage will be as slow as the lifestyle of the Lanna people. After the massage is finished, the body will be pressed moderate so that the body’s temperature will increase, making the expansion of the capillaries, herbal medicine through the skin into the body is absorbed. This can clear the joints, reduce muscle spasms, reduce pain, reduce muscle inflammation caused by edema and improve blood circulation effectively.


Price 2,400 baht. , Time 120 minutes.

This package is aimed at people who want to nourish their skin with an aromatherapy massage (5 kinds of essential optional) to make it completely relaxed. The first step is the use of gem-style scrub on the skin to clean and scrub it, this step is conducive to exfoliating dead skin, reduce dark spots, so that the skin can be smooth and the skin color more evenly. After that, the body will be soaked in milk, which is an important step of skin care, it adds moisture to the skin while also relaxing the skin. Finally, the essential oil massage with an aroma of essential oils which can relax the body step by step. Essential oil aroma combined with massage will make the client feel really relaxed.


Price 2,600 baht. , Time 120 minutes.

This set is for people who need to clean their skin. It contains a herbal steam bath that improves blood circulation, promotes increased metabolism, and makes the skin healthy and radiant. At the same time, it can help the body to sweat, release the pressure, and relieve muscle tension. In addition, using a body scrub of gem is to help to shed dead skin cells, reduce dark spots, make the skin smooth. Finally, through the treatment you will achieve a deep relaxation. There are 5 flavors of massage oil that you can choose from.


Price 2,800 baht. , Time 120 Minutes



Price 3,000 baht. , Time 180 minutes.

This set incorporates herbs used in the spa. First of all, there will be some herbal medicine immersion into the steam bath, that can promote blood circulation, wake up the body’s vitality, refresh the skin, help sweating, reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and it is also of skin scrub preparations. In the next step, we will use natural herbal powder mixed with yogurt to scrub the body, promote the shedding of dead skin cells, and increase the moisture intensity by adding natural honey. After the matte is finished, hot essential oils massage will be applied. This helps to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, pain and stiffness, and relieve aches and pains throughout the body. Finally, a herbal hot compress will be used, this is the best way to relieve muscle fatigue, and can effectively dredge joints, reduce muscle spasms, relieve pain and edema caused by muscle inflammation and improve blood circulation.


Price 3,400 baht. , Time 180 minutes.

This set combines body cleaning, massage and facial maintenance in one package. First of all, the use of gem stone-style scrub on the skin to clean and scrub it, this step is conducive to exfoliate dead skin and reduce dark spots, so that the skin can be smooth and skin color evenly. Second, the foot massage, which is a good way to relieve tiredness, it promotes the body’s metabolic function, while relaxing the spirit. You can choose from 5 flavors of Essential Massage oil. Finally, a face treatment, this step can effectively relax the facial skin, promote the absorption of nutrients, and help the skin to restore it’s young state.


Price 3,800 baht. , Time 240 minutes.

An unforgettable treatment. This package is a perfect combination of western scientific massage and Thai massage. To begin with, dead skin will be repaired by using a facial scrub which will improve new skin creation, as well as help to reduce black spots and make your skin smoother. The treatment makes the skin tone fair by cleaning the face deeply, deep into the pores, and then using special cream to moisturize and nurture the skin. What’s more, we can moisturize the skin by using water emulsion to wash our face. We can also extend and shrink our skin by doing Lanna Thai massage. According to the adaptability of physical condition. The rhythm of the massage will help you to slow down like the Lanna people’s traditional lifestyle. With this massage you will feel very relaxed, during the massage a mix of 5 different fragrances is used for maximum pleasure.


Price 4,200 baht. , Time 240 minutes.

This package gives you ultimate relaxation, the rebirth of body and mind in a beautiful private space. You will look and feel refreshed. At first, we stimulate the flow of blood by using steam, doing this this can helps to nourish the body, help the body to sweat and relieve stress. In addition, we can use facial scrub to clean the face, which helps to reduce dead skin and reduce black spots. The most important thing is that the skin will be smoother. We moisturize the skin by using special moisturizing cream. Then it’s relaxing again, we also call it massage and we use the special home made essential oils. At the end, there will be a few different stages of care in order to make the skin relax and let the skin look younger.


Price 7,400 baht. , Time 240 minutes.

This is the ideal package to feel the value of love. This package is for two people and the whole treatment is joint together. It is a long and very pleasant treatment. The guests can relax their body with a Lanna Thai style massage, according to the adaptability of our body; we can make our face relax by pressing, extending, pulling and shrinking. The pace and rhythm of the massage is as slow as the people’s traditional lifestyle. During the treatment we increase the moisture of the skin by using milk cream to wash the face. Relaxing again, we also call it massage and it is a massage made by mixing 5 smells together. At last, we have to do some different stages of care in order to make our skin relax and let our skin look younger.


Price 5,400 baht. , Time 300 minutes.

The treasure of Srimantra is the most favorite treatment of relaxation. It touches the soul and creates a healing process to reach the true balance of the mind and body. This is a 5 hour package. Doing so this package has a wide diversity of treatments. We need to stimulate the circulation to nourish the body, increase skin colour, which makes the skin look healthy. Moreover, it can help us to sweat, relieve stress and relax your muscles. We will use facial scrub to clean your face, which helps to remove dead skin and helps reduce black spots. The most important thing is that the skin will be smoother. After the massage stage; we start with a foot massage in order to make the body relax. According to the adaptability of our body, we can make our face relax by pressing, extending, pulling and shrinking. The rhythm of massage is slow like the people’s traditional lifestyle; After that a massage technique featuring Srimantra will be used, massaging is the process of reducing muscle heat. You can relax your whole body while being massaged with special massage oil. The treatment makes our face more relaxed and the muscles of the face more elastic. Besides, it can make the skin look younger and keep the skin loose. In addition, we are using the Crystal Pyramid and Crystal bowl sounding and vibration for cell healing, organ and body regeneration and full relaxation. This helps you to feel more relax, less anxious and it raises your concentration.